Monday, December 26, 2011

Air pollution effects to mankind and environment

Air pollution effects to mankind and environment

This materials are mostly industrial waste, vehicle exhaust smoke, logging action and so on which produces solid particles and gas that escaped into air

More contaminated present earth environmental pollution result. Example either environmental pollution was pollution water. dangerous that seeping and become part of water. Pollution associated with synthetic materials and water contaminant. There is other many adverse impact that will rebound human if control steps immediate taken to deal pollution note

Either him, is human health effect. If air that sniffed polluted, the respiratory system will absorb various pollutant into lungs. This will cause carbon dioxide conversion process to oxygen impracticable and blood would be experiencing insufficient oxygen.

Apart from that, pollution also affect to water crop. If contain pollutant water, this result in carbon dioxide lack for chlorophyll production process. This result in plant yellowing and die.

At the same time, air pollution also affect to global climate and local.

Are not left behind, air pollution also affect to buildings. Buildings, especially those made from limestone can experience rift and collapse. This is because pollutant materials that consisting of chemicals hazardous will stick and react upon stone and break building.

At the same time, pollution also affect on our atmosphere water. POLLUTANT SUCH AS CFC's materials (cloroflora carbon) alleged have resulted our ozone layer become thin and leak. Ozone layer depletion will cause ray penetrating atmosphere without layer and affect human health ultraviolet.

In conclusion, as this air pollution give overall effect to mankind, so comprehensive steps need to be taken. A blueprint industry also need to be outlined so that industry effect on air pollution can be minimized.

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